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We buy and sell surplus and obsolete ingredients. 

Our place in Global Dairy Trade


G&K Sales has a strong presence in the dairy industry.  G&K Sales has an extensive history in the global dairy trade.  We regularly purchase dairy powders, cheeses, and proteins both first run and downgrade.  We are able to be advantageously priced due to our unique position.  We offer creative solutions to your dairy needs.

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G&K Sales long term involvement in the dairy industry has enabled us to better understand complex market indicators and take a position on commodities accordingly.  We are able to decipher global trends and US dollar valuations determining the effect on local markets.  Along with our unique position of having a pulse on the overall food and commodities market along with dairy, we factor this data to gain a unique perspective of the dairy industry.  

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G&K Sales has contacts around the globe for both sourcing and selling of dairy products.  Our unique relationships, with both domestic and international dairy manufacturers, allow us access to exclusive opportunities within the industry.  We have access to proteins from European and Oceana regions.  Having these contacts allow us to keep tabs on the pulse of the dairy market both regionally and internationally.  

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