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Serving The Global Food Industry

Quite Simply

We buy and sell surplus and obsolete ingredients. 

We have more than the typical customer and supplier relationship, we are committed to building trust and lasting partnerships.   

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Our Mission

G&K Sales mission is to serve the food industry as a valuable resource to realize returns on obsolete ingredients by being the premier experts in the secondary market, building trust and partnerships with all parties involved.  

Since 2005, we have purchased tens of millions of pounds of ingredients from food manufacturers worldwide, allowing them to recoup millions of dollars that would have been lost if the items were disposed of using other methods.   This in turn has allowed us to offer ingredients at a substantial savings to food manufacturers that are looking to improve the bottom line.  

How we operate in this unique niche

  • We have customers in both the food and feed industry allowing us to get value out of most items.
  • We can provide all required documents fulfilling your regulatory requirements .
  • We abide by any regional, industry, or other restrictions placed on the product.
  • We have broad base of customers in virtually all segments of the food industry.
  • We understand the importance of,  and have successfully worked through, sensitive situations which require complete confidentiality.   
  • We take possession of ingredients protecting both the purchasers and sellers identity.
  • We have the capability to remove, and/or repackage materials if directed or necessary.
  • While working within an industry of corporations and rules, we are able to react and move quickly due to our partner focused structure.

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